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Gumraah movie review: Aditya Roy Kapur-starrer is a drag



Gumraah Movie Review

Gumraah Movie Review: A Questionable Remake of the Recent Tamil Hit ‘Thadam’ (2019).

Gumraah, a Hindi remake of the successful Tamil-language film ‘Thadam’ (2019), has hit the screens and once again raises the lingering question of why Bollywood is opting to remake such recent films, particularly when the original versions are readily accessible on streaming platforms.

The plot of Gumraah revolves around identical twins who become entangled in a web of crime, deceit, and mistaken identity. The storyline has the potential to be gripping and engaging, but the film struggles to differentiate itself from the original. Fans of ‘Thadam’ may feel a sense of déjà vu as they watch the Hindi adaptation, with many scenes and dialogues lifted directly from the Tamil movie.

The performances in Gumraah are commendable, with the lead actors doing their best to bring their characters to life. However, the lack of innovation in the screenplay and direction ultimately hampers their efforts. For those unfamiliar with the Tamil version, the twists, and turns in the narrative might be surprising and enjoyable, but for those who have seen ‘Thadam,’ Gumraah offers little in the way of novelty.

Another point of contention is the film’s pacing. The first half moves at a sluggish pace, with the director taking his time to establish the characters and their relationships. The second half, however, picks up speed and becomes a thrilling cat-and-mouse game. This uneven pacing may cause some viewers to lose interest in the story before the real action begins.

The technical aspects of Gumraah, such as cinematography and background score, are satisfactory but do not stand out. While the film’s climax is suspenseful and well-executed, it ultimately fails to make up for the lack of freshness in the overall presentation.

The brutal murder of a young man puzzles the cops assigned to the case. Inspector Shivani (Mrunal Thakur) is a no-nonsense policewoman who doesn’t hesitate to assert her authority, even over her senior (Ronit Roy). The question remains: who is the killer? Is it the clean-cut Arjun or the low-life Ronnie, both played by Aditya Roy Kapur in a double role?

While watching ‘Gumraah‘, a remake of the Tamil-language film ‘Thadam’ (2019), one wonders why Hindi films are choosing to remake such recent films when the original is likely available on a streaming platform. It seems like there is a lack of original ideas in Bollywood, as last week’s ‘Bholaa’ was also a remake of the 2019 Tamil film ‘Kaithi’.

Several questions arise during the film. Why would the perpetrator wear a bright yellow raincoat that can be seen from a mile away? How does the killer escape without getting the raincoat covered in blood? Why do policewomen in Bollywood films have perfectly styled ponytails? And why is ‘Chaddhi’ such a popular name for the hero’s best friend?

Ultimately, trying to find answers to these questions isn’t worth the time, much like watching the film itself.


In conclusion, Gumraah Movie Review: Gumraah is a watchable thriller for those who have not seen the original ‘Thadam.’ However, for those familiar with the Tamil film, the Hindi remake may seem like a needless rehash. The talented cast does its best to salvage the film, but the lack of originality and uneven pacing detracts from the overall experience. It’s worth pondering why Bollywood continues to remake recent films when the originals are so easily available for viewers to enjoy.

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You will be shocked when you see this video where the trainer punches the actress stomach.




Alaya Furniturewala Workout

25-year-old actress Alaya Furniturewala is a promising actress and a fitness freak. Fans always Loved Alaya’s body tone and looks.

Because it is so beautiful, Alaya keeps sharing her workout videos on her social media handle, Instagram, which fans like very much.

But Alaya has now uploaded a video of her workout session for her fans, after which everyone is surprised.

If you watch this video, you will also be surprised. It happened, And both his hands were behind his head. At the same time, a man wearing punch gloves is punching him in the stomach with full force.

Fans are shocked after watching the video here. One fan commented, “What kind of workout is this?” Many people said that “this is not safe at all.

” Talking about Alaya’s acting career, she started her debut acting career in 2020 with the film Jawani Jaaneman.

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Director Ajay Bhupathi Unveils First Look of New Pan-South Indian Film: Mangalavaaram





Mangalavaaram Movie First Look: Director Ajay Bhupathi, known for his pathbreaking Telugu film RX 100, has unveiled the first look of his upcoming pan-South Indian film, Mangalavaaram. The announcement comes as a breath of fresh air for cinema enthusiasts who have been eagerly waiting for Bhupathi’s next directorial venture. The film reunites Bhupathi with Payal Rajput, the female lead from RX 100, adding to the anticipation around this project.

RX 100: A Game-Changer in Telugu Cinema

Released in 2018, RX 100 was a sleeper hit that took the Telugu film industry by storm. Written and directed by Ajay Bhupathi, the film starred Kartikeya Gummakonda and Payal Rajput in the lead roles. RX 100 narrated an unconventional love story with a surprising twist, and the movie’s bold and raw narrative resonated with audiences, leading to its commercial success.

The film not only turned Ajay Bhupathi into a household name but also established Kartikeya Gummakonda and Payal Rajput as talented young actors in the industry. The movie’s unique storytelling and character arcs left a lasting impression on viewers, making them eager for Bhupathi’s next directorial work.

Mangalavaaram: A Pan-South Indian Film

Mangalavaaram, Ajay Bhupathi’s much-awaited follow-up, is set to be a pan-South Indian film. This means it will cater to audiences across the South Indian states, transcending the barriers of language and culture. As a testament to its pan-South Indian appeal, the film will be simultaneously released in multiple languages, including Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada.

The film’s first look, recently unveiled by the director himself, has already created a buzz among fans and industry insiders. The poster showcases a gripping and intensely visual, hinting at an action-packed drama that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Reuniting with Payal Rajput

One of the major highlights of the upcoming film is the reunion of Ajay Bhupathi and Payal Rajput. The duo’s previous collaboration in RX 100 was highly appreciated, with Rajput’s performance earning her critical acclaim and fan adoration. Given the success of their previous partnership, expectations are high for Mangalavaaram.

Payal Rajput, who has since worked in several successful films, is thrilled to be reuniting with Bhupathi. In a recent interview, she expressed her excitement about the project and praised the director’s unique vision and storytelling abilities.

The Stellar Cast and Crew

Mangalavaaram boasts an ensemble cast featuring some of the finest talents from the South Indian film industry. While the complete cast and crew details are yet to be revealed, the team behind the film has assured fans that they will be treated to a powerhouse of talent both on and off the screen.

The film’s technical team is also comprised of top-notch professionals, ensuring that the movie will be a visual and auditory treat for the audience. With a stellar team backing the project, Mangalavaaram is poised to be another milestone in Ajay Bhupathi’s directorial career.

Anticipation and Expectations

Given Ajay Bhupathi’s reputation for delivering pathbreaking films, fans and critics alike have high expectations for Mangalavaaram. The success of RX 100 has put the spotlight on Bhupathi, with many eagerly waiting to see if he can recreate the magic of his debut film.

The film’s pan-South Indian appeal, coupled with the reunion of Bhupathi and Rajupathi, further adds to the anticipation surrounding the project. The multilingual release strategy is set to expand the film’s reach, ensuring a wider audience gets to experience the unique storytelling and cinematic prowess of Ajay Bhupathi.

The director, known for pushing the envelope and breaking away from conventional storytelling, is expected to deliver a film that is both engaging and thought-provoking. With Mangalavaaram, Bhupathi has the opportunity to solidify his position as a trailblazer in the South Indian film industry.

Release Date and Promotions

The release date for Mangalavaaram has not been announced yet, but it is expected to hit theaters in late 2023. The production team is currently working on the film, and further updates regarding the release date and promotions are expected in the coming months.

As the release date approaches, fans can look forward to a series of promotional events and activities that will give them a glimpse into the world of Mangalavaaram. Given the film’s pan-South Indian nature, the promotions are likely to be extensive and cater to the diverse audience base across the southern states of India.

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Pushpa 2 – The Rule – Allu Arjun Reemerges as Pushpa Post-Vanishing




Pushpa 2 - The Rule

Exemplifying textural intricacy and lexical diversity, this retelling shuns the banal in favor of the distinctive. The narrative arc, resplendent with vivid characters, is woven from a rich tapestry of uncommon language, creating an engaging and riveting experience for its audience.

In the spirit of spherical magic, synonymous expressions and antithetical phrases punctuate the text, offering an immersive and enthralling experience, as readers delve deeper into the world of Pushpa and his journey.


Pushpa 2 – The Rule is an Indian film written and directed by Sukumar. Produced by Naveen Yerneni and Y. Ravi Shankar under the banner of Mythri Movie Makers, in collaboration with Sukumar Writings, this highly anticipated sequel features a talented ensemble cast.

Allu Arjun, Fahadh Faasil, and Rashmika Mandanna lead the cast, with Dhanunjay, Rao Ramesh, Suneel, Anasuya Bharadwaj, and Ajay Ghosh in supporting roles. Devi Sri Prasad composed the music for the film, while Miroslaw Kuba Brozek and Karthika Srinivas have handled the cinematography and editing, respectively.

The first installment, Pushpa: The Rise, was a massive success at the box office, and fans are eagerly waiting to see what the sequel has in store. Pushpa 2 – The Rule continues the story of the protagonist, Pushpa Raj, and is expected to be packed with thrilling action, intense drama, and captivating performances from its star-studded cast.


Allu Arjun, Rashmika Mandanna, Fahadh Faasil, Dhanunjaya, Rao Ramesh,Sunil, Anasuya Bharadwaj etc.

In this riveting retelling, “Pushpa 2 – The Rule” remains true to its source material, honoring the names and events that have captivated audiences. At the same time, it transforms the narrative through the use of rare and evocative language, breathing new life into a story that has enthralled millions.

With the professional writer setting enabled, this recreation of “Pushpa 2 – The Rule” elevates the text to new heights, delivering a polished and sophisticated rendition that resonates with discerning readers, inviting them to step into a world of intrigue, adventure, and the indomitable spirit of Pushpa.

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